About the Author


About the Author…

Sean Sanford was begrudgingly born in Grass Valley, California in 1982. He was lured into the world of storytelling at an early age and decided he wanted to be a writer long before he understood that writers often live their lives beneath a galaxy of self-disappointment. He had a short story published in The American Drivel Review and figured it was only a matter of time before the shower of rejection slips dried up. That was in 2006 and he’s still waiting.

Sick of being smothered in his own silence, Mr. Sanford decided to publish his own short stories. He made several zines under the name Willits E. Major, the first of which came to fruition in 2001. It was a glimmer of consolation when five of said zines were given favorable reviews in Thrasher Magazine over the years.

After many failed attempts at leaving his hometown and being ever drawn back, he finally made a successful exit in 2007 and has been happily living in San Francisco ever since.

He’s been writing short stories for the San Francisco based skateboarding magazine Lowcard since 2009 under the charming pen name Manbaby Sanford. He also writes the music review page.

He writes fiction for the online literary magazine Defiant Scribe, which and be found at www.defiantscribe.com.

He met and fell in love with Candice Nobles who he promptly married in 2014. The two of them founded and manage an online music magazine called www.rockwardsilence.com for which Sanford is the head writer.

They have no children but make up for it with lots of rambunctious friends.

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